15 years and over: $45      10 to 14 years: $27       5 to 9 years: $15     4 years and under: Free (Taxes and tips not included)


++: Grills from the neighbor Style Valleyfield with maple lacquer

Maple products tasting

1 – Homemade marinade from friend Marc and Grandma Di

(turmeric onions, maple syrup and Quebec beets)

2 – Table board

(stove toast, homemade cretons, jelly and maple mustard)

3 – Fred’s salad

(baby spinach, apple, spiced pecans and maple vinaigrette)

4 – Chef Benoit’s pea soup

5 – Baked beans from the chef’s father

6 – Singer’s ham (old-fashioned cooking)

7 – Baby potatoes

8 – Oven puffed omelet

9 – Criss ears 3 seasons (plain, spicy, maple and garlic)

10 – Raisin/cranberry bread pudding and maple cream

11 – Crêpes curly from the Trudel sisters

++: Emile and Benjamin’s homemade ice cream

12 – Taffy on the snow

13 – Coffee, tea, herbal tea

++: 1 drink / person

++: Songwriter

JUICES & DRINKS (Tx included)

Coca-Cola / 7up $ 2.50
Orange / apple juice $ 2.50
Hot apple juice spiced with maple syrup $ 2.50
The sparkling (sparkling maple water) $ 2.50
Kaban’up (citrus juice, sparkling maple water, maple syrup) $ 2.50

COCKTAILS (Tx included)

Reduced gin $ 3
Woody Royal (gin, sparkling maple water) $ 4.75
Vodkabane (vodka, citrus juice, sparkling maple water, maple syrup) $ 4.75
Hunterstown Cream (alcoholic maple cream on ice) 2oz 4, $ 75
Coffee of canton (coffee, Hunterstown cream) $ 5.75
Baristo (orange alcohol, coffee and maple syrup on ice) 2oz 4, $ 75
Coffee of Quartier (café, Baristo) $ 5.75
Maple Kir (dry white wine, maple syrup)
glass $ 4.50 – 1/2 liter $ 12.75 – liter $ 22
Maple spiced mulled wine $ 4

WINES AND BEER (Tx included)

Red / white wine glass $ 6 – bottle $ 25

Schedule of the day

Reception from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.: Outdoor fire, bar service, tasting of maple products.
Please do not arrive later than noon when we ring the bell for
sit down to eat!
A cloakroom is at your disposal. For your convenience, bring shoes for

Parking: A person will show you where to park your vehicle. 300 meters
are to be covered on foot or by shuttle, to get to the hut. Locations at
nearby the hut are available for people with reduced mobility.
For owners of electric vehicles, a charging station is available to you.

Drinks and alcohol: We have a varied menu of drinks with or without alcohol. It is not possible to bring your own drinks.

Family amenities: Changing table and closed room for breastfeeding

Payment methods accepted: Cash, Checks, credit card and debit card
EQUIPPED WITH PAYPASS. PLEASE NOTE, not all Desjardins debit cards are with PAYPASS!

Derivative products: To make the pleasure last, bring home maple products, don’t forget your reusable bags!

Please advise me of any changes in the composition of your group.

Reservation Booking